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From one of the most fascinating and pristine lands of Italy, in the protected area  of the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni, dotted with convents, towers, castles, ancient villages, comes the extra virgin olive oil produced by the Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento.

From  selected olives, cold pressed with the  Integral System, coming from land cultivated in an eco-sustainable way and constantly controlled by specialized technicians, we obtain four extra virgin olive oils of high value that preserve a high content of antioxidants, including the first oil with DOP certification of Campania. 

  • Integral cold pressing with Pieralisi’s Leopard system
  • High certified concentration of Polyphenols and Vitamin E
  • Obtained from 100% Italian olives in the territories of Cilento
  • Peasant taste and Mediterranean excellence
  • First PDO olive oil of the Campaign

A millenary tradition, founded by the Basilian and Benedictine monks: a precious oil, which preserves the intensity of the scents of the peasant tradition. From these lands in the 60s were announced to the world the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet on the  longevity of local populations, for its effective results on cholesterol and atherosclerosis.

EVO DOP Cilento Oil

Monks' Lands

The DOP Cilento olive oil “Terre dei Monaci” is a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, green fruity with marked notes of bitter and spicy.

The Cilento PDO certification requires compliance with an EU production specification and the traceability of the origin from the historical cultivars of Cilento.

  • EU PDO Cilento mark.
  • Ideal for: cold dishes.

Organic EVO Oil

Ancient Lands

The organic Cilento extra virgin olive oil “Terre Antiche” is a fruity and harmonious organic extra virgin olive oil with delicate vegetal scents. Organic certification requires that only natural products without pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used in cultivation.


  • EU label organic products.
  • Ideal for: cold and hot dishes.


Lands of the Casale

The extra virgin olive oil “Terre del Casale” is a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, light fruity olive, pleasantly sweet. It has high quality parameters and a good level of antioxidants, a fundamental element of the Mediterranean diet. It benefits from the contributions of fascinating natural environments that perfectly integrate the cultivars of exceptional olive biodiversity, which give the product healthy lightness.

  • Ideal for: cold and hot dishes.

Novello EVO Oil

Bright green color, intense aroma of freshly squeezed olive juice, bitter and spicy taste: these are some of the characteristics and qualities of our Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Novello oil is basically the first oil of the  first olives of the new harvest, freshly pressed and immediately bottled to retain the fragrance and flavor. The new oil is unfiltered and not decanted, contains a greater amount of plant particles and therefore a greater amount of polyphenols, much more than from classic olive oils.

It is a fresh milling oil ideal to satisfy the most demanding palates lovers of an extra virgin olive oil with a full-bodied appearance and  a strong and intense taste.

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