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In the heart of Cilento, a few km from Pioppi, home of the Mediterranean Diet, is the headquarters of the New Cilento Cooperative. Here you can taste and buy some  of the best typical products of the area, grown and processed by the companies by our members who for years have been committed to offering  unique gastronomic excellence.

Choose from hundreds of specialties that represent the best of Campania and Cilento specialties, including many Slow Food presidia, certified Bio and D.O.P. for a choice that combines tradition, food safety and sustainability. 

We and our members follow  the seasonal cycles and  prepare our specialties based on the availability  of fresh raw materials and 100% from the territory of Cilento, to offer the best products of the earth at any time of the year.


Fresh seasonal fruit grown with care. the earth, the air and the sun of Cilento, the sugar and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub give life to jams and marmalades unique in their kind, characterized by an intense flavor of genuine fruit.  Perfect for desserts but also for savory dishes as an accompaniment to cheeses and cold cuts.


The flours of the members of the Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento are stone-ground, wholemeal and semi-wholemeal, of ancient grains and spelt. They are produced according to the principles of Regenerative Organic Agriculture, without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. They are stone-pressed with wheat germ, the best part and with more nutrients but which, precisely for this reason, has a lower durability. For this reason, expiration dates cannot go beyond a few months from the date of production. It is not a defect, but an index of quality.


Figs are the symbolic fruits of Cilento, characterized by a wrinkled skin and light green color, sweet and pasty pulp with brilliant reflections, delicious to eat fresh, exceptional in the many types of processing. The Protected Geographical Designation “Fico bianco del Cilento” refers to the dried variety of the dottato cultivar, present in most of the South. Baked dry, almond, chocolate, coated, rum, jam: these are some examples of the thousand possible transformations from which exquisite products are born and so loved by everyone. Its strong therapeutic properties make it suitable for the preparation of herbal and dietary remedies.


Legumes and cereals represent the cornerstones of the Mediterranean Diet and have always characterized the dishes of the typical cuisine of Cilento.  Even today in many countries of Cilento rare and highly appreciable species are cultivated, such as white beans of Controne and chickpeas of Cicerale, which are characterized by particular organoleptic properties so as to also obtain the recognition of Slow Food Presidium.  The great biodiversity of Cilento gives us a large amount of excellent products from natural and regenerative agriculture, which can be purchased individually or as mixed soups of great taste.


Vast untouched areas, wild nature, clean air and water are just some of the elements that make up the perfect habitat for bees and honey production. There are many varieties produced in Cilento, some very special as honeydew honey, sulla, heather, which preserve all the scent and flavor of our land. The processing is totally natural and carefully follows the rhythms and times of nature and thanks to our producers and custodians of tradition you can find the authentic flavor of a main food of the Mediterranean Diet.


The Cilento culinary tradition offers sweet and savory delicacies composed of poor but tasty ingredients, from which products suitable for every occasion or moment of the day are born. The basic ingredients are fresh seasonal and genuine products, processed following the typical recipes that enhance and bring to the table the ancient flavors of local cuisine. Taralli with ancient grains, the typical wholemeal biscuits, biscuits and many other delicacies selected among the best productions of our members.


Queen of the table and pantry of all Cilento houses is the traditional tomato puree, which comes from the natural cultivation of this product and is processed and transformed in local farms to give life to a fragrant and tasty sauce or in the form of peeled tomatoes. Rosemary, oregano, mint, chilli and many other natural aromas make the dishes based on tomato sauce even tastier, giving a touch of territory and an extra boost to all preparations.



From a newfound commitment to the cultivation of local grains, tradition and the drive towards innovation and research, the pasta produced with local stone-pressed grains is born. Wholemeal and semi-wholemeal, this staple food of Italian cuisine and beloved all over the world, becomes the protagonist on our tables in an even tastier and healthier way. Many traditional and delicious formats created for all tastes and uses in the kitchen, coming exclusively from raw materials of the highest level processed with great care, in order to maximize the nutritional properties.

In oil

Born from the need to consume vegetables and vegetables even in periods other than the production and storage needs of vegetables, pickles are real treasure chests of flavor. The choice of selected and 0 km raw materials, all produced in local crops and covered with our precious extra virgin olive oil, offer an inimitable quality and taste. Artichokes, aubergines, peppers, pumpkin, onion, chilli and many other products always ready to bring to the table and give us a leap into the culinary tradition of Cilento grandmothers. The queens of the pickles are the bruised Salella Olives, a Slow Food presidium, still prepared as per tradition, pounded one by one and prepared following an ancient local recipe.


A cosmetic product of great excellence, produced exclusively with extra virgin olive oil and local herbs, 100% natural and paraben-free. Our soap is a cuddle for the skin and for health with a very high moisturizing and relaxing power, particularly suitable for sensitive skin and prone to dermatitis. Try it in many different fragrances and perfect for the whole body, including the face, it gives a smooth and luminous skin in a short time.

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