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Cooperation is a decisive value for economic, cultural, political and social growth, the result of a conception of the world anchored in peace, universal brotherhood, social justice, fair remuneration for the work done, respect for the environment and soil regeneration. 

Since its foundation, the Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento believes in the value of cooperation for sustainable and responsible local development. Today we have more than 400 members who work individually and cooperatively, believing and valuing these ideals every day.

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Antonello di Gregorio

Young farmer from Cilento, owner with his family of the farm “Pier delle Vigne”. Passionate, stubborn and decisive, he chooses the job of farmer alongside his father bringing a new drive and innovation, resuming the cultivation of native grains and cultivating products of excellence according to regenerative organic agriculture. In 2022 he was elected president for his virtuous example and as a sign of the renewal of the cooperative.

Giuseppe Cilento
Reponsable of the educational biofarm and institutional relations

Founder, former president and mind of the Cooperative, always committed to and for the development of the territory. Passionate about agriculture, ecology and sustainability, he is committed to improving agricultural practices, technologies, cooperation and training. Backbone of the cooperative since its inception, it has guided it towards the development, improvement and growth of its mission in the territory, remaining tied to tradition with attention to the challenges of technological growth in the agricultural sector.

Edmondo Soffritti
Rerectable of the catering and agriculture area of the cooperative

Third generation farmer and co-owner of the Azienda Agricola La Petrosa in Ceraso. Deep connoisseur of the agricultural world, innovator and reference point in the territory for regenerative organic agriculture, the creation of compost from processing waste and new eco-sustainable methods of breeding goats and cattle. Active in the social world and in dissemination activities and cooperation between producers, he collaborates with important local associations bringing his experience as inspiration for other companies. 

Elio D'Agosto
Rerectable member area manager

Sanmaurese DOC, has been the backbone of the cooperative since he was 20 years old. He was secretary, member of the C.D.A. and for 2 terms also president. He worked as manager of the mill, from the operation of the oil machines to the fiscal accounting and Agea, takes care of the relationship with the members as a support for the bureaucratic certification process. He grew up in the cooperative and the cooperative with him at every stage, today he is a constant point of reference. He has a small farm mainly olive, his passion and his leisure.

Fulvio Perez
Sales and Marketing Manager

Neapolitan by birth and Cilento acquired, for years in the administrative team, is a person of the highest professional and personal profile and represents one of the certainties of the cooperative. He provides his great experience in strategic consulting in the process of differentiation of Product Marketing, in sales strategy to allow our reality to grow, establish and carry out important business relationships with international customers. Corporate restructuring, leadership management, change management, sales management, are just some of the skills he puts in place to achieve better and better results. 

Michele Martino
Co-responsible, with Antonello Di Gregorio, of the agriculture and oil mill sector of the cooperative

Graduated in law and enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture of Salerno, he is a professional olive tree pruner with training and many years of activity, owner of the agromechanical company EMMEDUEO which carries out support activities for plant production. Specialized in polyconic pot pruning and farmer-to-farmer training for the use of new techniques aimed at improving local agriculture and increasing typical Cilento productions.

Biagio Filpi
responsible for the technical and design area

Always attentive to environmental issues, he works in construction with an ethical approach and deals with catering and agriculture, his passion. He has a family farm, “Colline Del Cilento” and produces oil, figs, almonds, citrus fruits and vegetables. For years in the administrative team, Biagio has followed numerous innovation projects, collaborated with great commitment and attention to all phases of change and gave his technical contribution in every situation. 

Sergio Petillo
responsible for the events sector

Young Sanmaurese, he works at Cilento Invest srl, an important company that operates in the hotel and agricultural tourism sector. For years engaged in social work, he has always participated in the associative life of the country giving his support with ideas and practical work. Passionate about agriculture and attentive to environmental issues, he has always followed the training courses and events of the cooperative with attention and assiduity, making himself known for his spirit of initiative. 

Maria Rosaria Fiore
Rerectable of the planning and social area

Cilento by adoption, she works as a freelancer in the world of neurocognitive habilitation and rehabilitation in developmental age. He takes care of a small olive grove and a vegetable garden according to the principles of regenerative agriculture, for food self-sufficiency, with great attention to the environment and the ecosystem. Always present at all events, it has supported the activities and the path of the cooperative over the years by embracing its philosophy and sense of belonging. Tenacious, direct and active, it is also committed to social and territorial work, becoming a fundamental piece of the community.

Linda Montagna
Social media manager of the cooperative

Graduated in sustainable development at the Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University and since 2021 transferred to Cilento from Switzerland, she has embarked on a new path of growth and awareness towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. The Eco della Terra project was conceived by a farm specialized in olive growing, cultivation of an ancient variety of local bean and self-production. He is the owner of a small accommodation facility in San Mango Cilento called La Corte di Montagna, where he offers his products in a homely and rural climate.

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we offer training courses on Regenerative Organic Agriculture at subsidized costs, technical assistance in the field, links with other regenerating members and with national and foreign reference centers.


weather monitoring sheds, technical assistance, bio fertilizers, use of agricultural machinery, shakers, transport, oil mill and bottling at advantageous prices for members.


we help members in the practices of registration, maintenance and assistance with the certifying bodies for the D.O.P. Cilento and Bio certifications.


we sell the products delivered in our distribution chain, in the company store, in the e-commerce and in the restaurant.


Energy communities and keylines. 


European contributions, unemployment practices and pensions.


we reserve discounts and conventions to members and farmhouses of members, contributions of members of raw materials for the restaurant at remunerative prices.

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