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A story that began in 1976

The Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento was founded in 1976 in San Mauro Cilento, in the province of Salerno, thanks to the innovative ideas and love for the land that united the 15 founding members. Since then the Cooperative has grown and developed with values, technologies and services to count, today, more than 400 members and 2500 hectares of land.

In all these years we have created innovation, won awards, known international realities, launched unique products that have shaped our endless history. We want to tell you about it because what we have done has made us the Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento that we are today and lays the foundations for what we will be in the future.

47 years

of love for the land

Our Timeline


Foundation of the Cooperative

The Agricultural Cooperative "Nuovo Cilento" was founded on January 21, 1976 with 15 members.


The first D.O.P. oil of Campania

The 4 oils of the Cooperative obtain the recognition of the D.O.P. Cilento, the first certification in the region.


The Restaurant "Al Frantoio" and the Biofattoria Didattica

On August 17th the experience of the Food and Wine Laboratory "Al Frantoio" on Cilento cuisine begins, and the Didactic Biofarm is born.


The Cooperative today

Parties, theme months, online shops and much more: today the Cooperative has 420 members, 2500 hectares of land and 10 values to live 20 years more.


The first crawler tractor and the 3-year theory

In March 1979 the first crawler tractor for the mountain is bought.  After three years of discussions, the goal was to buy a machine, an Itma 75, to replace the work of the oxen, now disappeared, so that the land had remained fallow and exposed to fires.

This helped us understand that the timing of the transformations required patience and tenacity: so we elaborated the theory of the three years. We discovered that patience is a revolutionary virtue and that innovation linked to tradition and respect for nature produces important economic and cultural successes. Today, therefore, we manage the most advanced processes in the world of organic cultivation and processing.

The social oil mill is born

On November 27, 1989 the social oil mill starts,  modernized several times, which has reached the maximum production ceiling of 26,000 quintals of olives. The cooperative now manages the most important oil mill in the Campania Region, both for the quantity of local olives pressed and for the quality of organic oil and DOP Cilento marketed.



The brand “Cilento Verde”

In 1991 begins the direct sale of oil with its own brand, “Cilento Verde”. This trademark is discontinued in compliance with the law establishing the PDO Cilento, which prevented the geographical mention Cilento.

 Organic oil

Since 1994, the cooperative has marketed organic oil, first on the Panda catalog of the Swiss WWF, then on the German and Japanese ones. Today it sells in Italy and abroad and exports organic oil also to England, Holland, Germany, France.



The first D.O.P. oil of Campania

In 1997 the Nuovo Cilento Cooperative obtains, for the first time in Campania, the recognition of the D.O.P. Cilento, after having actively collaborated with the Ministry, the Region and the Chamber of Commerce for its creation. This recognition concludes the process of creating 4 brands for the marketing of Terre Antiche oil for organic oil, Terre Dei Monaci for D.O.P. oil, Terre Del Casale for extra virgin olive oil, Velia for virgin oil. 

The food and wine laboratory “Al Frantoio”opens

On August 17, 2000, the experience of the “Al Frantoio” Food and Wine Laboratory on Cilento cuisine starts in the cooperative, to which the Didactic Biofarm is connected, which has involved a strong reference with schools. The creation of the Cooperative’s vegetable gardens is connected to the restaurant and the farm.




Restructuring of the mill

In 2002 the mill was renovated and moved to a more appropriate location for the significant increase in production, giving space to the experimentation of composting of pomace.

Educational farm, sustainability and technology

In 2004 the cooperative became an educational farm. In 2005 the first 20 KWH photovoltaic system was installed. Since 2007 the event “Tecnolivo Cilento Bio” has been promoted for 4 years, completely self-financed, dedicated to biological practices and innovative machines for the hills and mountains, in which the prototype of a radio-controlled tractor was launched, equipped with new agricultural tools, suitable for the ecological transition in agriculture and our successful experiments in organic olive growing were made known.



Slow Food traceability and presidia

In 2009 the traceability certified by CSQA of all olive oil production begins. In 2011 new photovoltaic systems were installed  (1 of 20 KWH and 1 of 5.5 KWH and the following year a new typical Slow Food product is created: the Ammaccata Salella Olive of Cilento.

 The new Pieralisi system at the mill

In 2013 the oil mill was renovated with an innovative centrifugation system (Pieralisi DMF8 Leopard), capable of recovering more antioxidants from the oil and isolating the processing of the individual batches with an excellent washing system of the machines, greatly increasing the milling capacity. In addition, the extraction system allows easy reuse of pomace, pâté, hazelnut, by-products both for fertilization and for the production of energy and biogas. 



Regenerative Organic Agriculture and collaborations

On 7 and 8 February 2015 the cooperative hosted the courses of Regenerative Organic Agriculture with one of its founders, the South American Jairo Restrepo Rivera. He subsequently collaborated with Deafal, with Matteo Mazzola on behalf of EIT FOOD, the highest European agency for experimentation in agriculture, with Maurizio Agostino of Rete Humus, having an important role in Italy in the dissemination of soil regenerative practices.

The stone mill

In 2017 a stone mill was purchased, to obtain fresh and wholemeal flours for the restaurant with the preservation of bran and germ, normally separated from industrial mills.



The pomace composting plant

In November 2018 a small composting plant of wet pomace is structured, to activate the process  of bioxidation of pomace, ie composting, started in 2001 with the CNR of Perugia, with the technical assistance of prof. Giuseppe Fontanazza and the collaboration of the Cilento Park, Deafal of Milan, the universities of Salerno and Potenza,  the association RETE HUMUS, which has made a decisive contribution.  We were the first in Italy to have achieved more concrete results, with the creation of an original recipe for the mixture of pomace with the various natural residues of the mill.

 Protoreattore Pieralisi and the University of Salerno

In 2019 the innovative technology of the Pieralisi protoreactor, of the social oil mill allows to eliminate the oxidative process of kneading. So polyphenols and vitamin E remain more in the oil, which is healthier, with higher values of both fruity and bitter and spicy. Antioxidants are certified on the label. In the same year the Cooperative signed an agreement with the University of Salerno for the implementation of the project “Circular models” for the regenerative management of agricultural soil. In 2020 it activated, in collaboration with the “Fattoria del Gallo Rosso” and Bella Farnia, earthworm farming in olive pomace and compost.



The Cooperative today

On 10 and 11 January 2023 the cooperative hosted a course on the Keyline with the Mexican Humberto Moro, to regulate rainwater, prevent erosion, regenerate agricultural land. Today “Al Frantoio” manages three important events: April with herbs, September with figs, November with oil mills, which are emanations of the ancient Cooperative Festival, which was created in 1980 to enhance products, kitchens and strengthen social cohesion.


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