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420 members, 2500 hectares of land and a single goal:
to take care of the land to improve happiness and quality of life.

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From the land to the table:
we take care of the land to bring quality products to the table, we offer agricultural services and organize events for a healthy lifestyle.

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The Cilento

``Here I have the vegetable garden and olive trees outside the front door,
homemade bread, fresh fish every morning.``
Ancel Keys

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To live 20 years longer

There is a place where the bond between land and people is the secret to a healthy lifestyle. It is Cilento, a territory of southern Campania with unique environmental characteristics in the world.

Here we work every day with passion, ethics and care for biodiversity to cultivate food and wine products that improve the quality of life.

Organic and Regenerative Agriculture

Our relationship with the earth follows the principles of Organic and Regenerative Agriculture, a set of practices, experiences and approaches that aim to restore balance, interaction and conviviality between living beings, natural resources and the environment.


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In July we learn together the difference between the types of grains, stone milling, the use in the kitchen of different flours by resuming the craftsmanship and the creation of healthy and good products.

corso potatura olivo 2024

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The countryside, the oil mill, the laboratory, the kitchen, the historic centers.
In these places, in the heart of the Cilento National Park, you have the opportunity to undertake environmental, sensory and nutritional education courses for companies, schools and researchers.

Nuovo Cilento

Agricultural Cooperative

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Oil and bruised olives, dried figs, pickles, jams, legumes, preserves, pasta, sauces, wines.
Discover and buy online the excellence of the Cooperativa Nuovo Cilento.

Restaurant Al Frantoio

From the land to the table.
Everything we produce becomes the protagonist of experiences of pure Cilento taste in our restaurant.

Educational Farm

Environmental, sensory and nutritional education.
Discover our educational paths and workshops for schools, companies and researchers.

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