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More health with more antioxidants in the oil

The mill of the Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento uses the extraction system with Protoreattore and decanter Leopard by Pieralisi, which preserves in the oil more antioxidants, beneficial for the human body and essential for a good preservation of the product. 

In particular, the innovative technologies of the social oil mill in addition to reducing, with the protoreactor, drastically the kneading times and therefore the oxidation  of the pasta, allow to use the waters of the olives themselves, rich in antioxidants, in the extraction phase in the decanter. So polyphenols  and vitamin E remain more in the oil, which is healthier, with higher values of both fruity and bitter and spicy. 

Our mill is equipped  with canopies with shading curtains for the  storage of olives protected from atmospheric agents and electric forklifts for handling batches, avoiding any contamination in the  final product.

Finally, all the “dirty” phase, i.e. defoliation and washing, are carried out outside and not in the mill.

of antioxidants on
the label



Drum speed: 3350 rpm

Installed power: 30 kW

Drum diameter: 470 mm

Variability of auger turns

Drum emptying device 

Innovative suspensions 

Dehydrated pomace production



of the oil extracted without added water



of antioxidants





towards all types of olives



Easy and effective washing in every batch


Excellent yield

For organic and PDO

The phase of defoliation of the olives consists in freeing from twigs and leaves the mass of olives to be processed. This activity is carried out with a special rotary machine.

Subsequently, the olives are immersed in the washing machine to further eliminate any foreign body. The special washing system of the Pieralisi hydropneumatic washing machine guarantees the complete removal of the soil attached to the olives and the separation of any foreign body. Water consumption is limited because water, in its circulation, deposits all the debris transported. It is therefore possible to operate in the washing tank always with clean water. In addition, the inclined tape ensures better drying of the olives.

The construction and design quality of Pieralisi crushers guarantees the continuity of processing by reducing heating and adapting to different types of olives, thanks to the inverter.  Thanks to the versatility of our crusher we are able to obtain greater quantities of oil and minor substances, a more effective kneading and a more efficient centrifugal extraction.

The kneading phase that follows that of crushing, completes the process of preparing the pastes for extraction and contributes to the development of the chemical-physical and organoleptic properties of the extracted oil. It optimizes aromas and flavors and is essential for the final extraction yield. The Cooperative in this phase is a leader at regional level as it was the first company to equip itself with the Protoreattore Pieralisi in Campania, an innovative machine that has as its main feature a higher quality of the processed product due to the drastic decrease in kneading time. This guarantees a substantial increase in the presence of polyphenols and better organoleptic qualities.

It consists in the separation of the oil must from the pomace, the solid fraction consisting of fragments of stone, skins and fragments of pulp. The extraction is carried out with a Pieralisi Leopard decanter, the only two-phase centrifugal extractor that produces a dehydrated pomace similar to that of the three phases and which recovers the pulp of the pomace, “pâté”, ideal for agronomic use and composting. The Leopard decanter allows you to use the waters of the same olives, rich in antioxidants, in the oil extraction phase. So polyphenols and vitamin E remain more in the oil, which is healthier, with higher values of both fruity and bitter and spicy.

At the last stage of the oil production process, with the separators the residues of water and solids are well separated from the oil coming from the decanter. These residues are also quickly eliminated to maintain high product quality.

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