The services of the Cooperative

The Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento is a network built over the years to generate value for all the companies and people who are part of it.

Those who enjoy  the status of  member have the opportunity to take advantage of  reduced prices of  processing, treatments, mechanized collection, milling, purchase of peanuts, purchase of fertilizer, purchase of organic repellents against the olive fly, technical assistance and much more.

The Cooperative acts as a driving force, giving the possibility even to small owners of funds a management that only large companies can afford.

Agricultural services

The machinery of the  Nuovo Cilento Cooperative is constantly changing, updating and renewed thanks to the incessant study we conduct. We offer members what they need to manage the land according to the most modern and environmentally sustainable technologies for minimal tillage.

Regenerative organic agriculture

Combining ancient knowledge with modern techniques and a deeper knowledge of what the soil wants: this is the focus of our business. Make members aware that good agricultural practices, good management of organic matter, and eco-sustainability are the starting point primarily   for quality production and  to make our activities as low impact as possible and leave a better future for  posterity.


The Nuovo Cilento Cooperative provides support to its members during the process of organic certification and D.O.P. 


The Cooperative offers free technical support and training courses for members in order to introduce them to all the cutting-edge techniques in the world of agriculture.  


The mill of the Nuovo Cilento Cooperative uses  the Leopard extraction system with Pieralisi protoreactor, which replaces the traditional kneading machine, reducing the time of this phase, and allows to operate at lower temperatures because it works at high pressure, also decreasing contact with oxygen. In these conditions, less degradation of the compounds that form olive oil is obtained, obtaining as a final product an extra virgin olive oil with a high content of polyphenols.


The cooperative offers storage, filtration, bottling and labeling service for the oil that is extracted from our social oil mill.


The cooperative deals with the marketing of the oil that is delivered by the members at our offices and in the Online Shop.


The Cooperative employs professionals in order to offer technical support to members who want to develop business projects in the agricultural sector (RDP, Calls of the Ministry of Agriculture, etc.). 


The beating heart of the Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento is the Gastronomic Research laboratory “Al Frantoio”, a farmhouse with a physical shop that researches and proposes the recipes of the ancient Cilento cuisine, prepared with our products following the canons of the Mediterranean diet.


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