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From earth to life

Taking care of the earth means taking care of those who host us and nourish us. This is the key to extending life, improving its quality and happiness. Understand that the earth and life are the same thing, an endless circle to be preserved, valued and kept in balance with a responsible approach.

In the work in the fields, in the production of oil and in the preparation of dishes, each person of the Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which has its roots in this unique territory in the world and that yes, prolongs life.



  • New, because it has as its base the regenerated soil, not poisoned, so that the poison does not arrive on the plates, according to the principles of the science of relations of the twentieth century.
  • New, because it recognizes in the ecological corridors of our valleys the healthy source of aromas and flavors, in a centuries-old process of adaptation of plants to the landscape.
  • New, so that spring water can be drunk in new pipes, not chlorinated in excess to cope with too many leaks.
  • New, because it focuses on the freshness of fruit and vegetables, posing the problem of proximity gardens and recalling an urban policy of gardens.
  • New because it includes the ancient use of so-called wild herbs.
  • New, because, as Keys had written, cooking should not cause nutrients to be lost.
  • New, because cereals must be whole, not only with bran, but also with germ.
  • New, because it wants on the label the mention of the beneficial antioxidants of olive oil.
  • New, because the problem of animal welfare and nutrition, rational, revolving grazing is strongly raised.
  • New, because it comes from a careful reading of Ancel Keys and from knowledge of regenerative organic agriculture.
  • New, because it aims to mend the relationship between city and countryside, severed because the city does not have to know what happens in crops and livestock.
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Mediterranean diet

"I came to Pioppi, in Cilento, to live 20 years longer. Here I have the vegetable garden and olive trees outside the front door, homemade bread, fresh fish every morning."

Ancel Keys, creator of the Mediterranean diet

Enhance biodiversity

Protect and enhance the richness of the territory. We are located in the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni between mountains, woods, pastures, hills and beaches with great biodiversity. Enhancing it is the key to preserving the characteristics of the land and enjoying the quality of its fruits.

Rigenerate the land

Analyze and cultivate, recover and nourish to regenerate the land. Agriculture is an act of violence, but we study and apply Regenerative Organic Agriculture techniques to minimize the impact and contribute to a regeneration of the soil that will bring greater quality to the products.

Follow the Mediterranean Diet

Preserving natural characteristics to improve quality of life. To produce our oil we cold press olives from land cultivated in an eco-sustainable way. This allows to preserve antioxidants, which support the immune system, counteract aging and degenerative diseases.

Smell the scent of tradition

Bring the peasant tradition into the future. Our olive oil is the first with DOP certification in Campania: we preserve the ancient peasant wisdom of Cilento to obtain even today a precious, sustainable, fragrant and genuine oil.

Learn to feel and know

Products through the senses. The scent, taste and texture of the products are signs of their quality: we study and exercise sensory functions to learn about nature. discover its benefits and appreciate each feature.

Taste the tradition

Respect seasonality and enhance the cuisine of ancient Cilento. Flour of ancient local grains, fresh vegetables from our gardens, legumes of excellence: we change menus according to the season to savor the most genuine and Mediterranean Cilento cuisine there is.

Discover products of excellence

Distribute typical quality products to offer everyone the quality of Cilento productions. We work alongside 420 members who produce typical products, with organic and D.O.P. certifications and Slow Food presidia that can be purchased throughout Italy.

Travel responsibly

Travel responsibly to know the essence of the territory. We love our Cilento and we want everyone to know it while respecting its riches: we promote sustainable tourism together with  the respective structures of the cooperative.

Co-operate and share

Share to grow and grow the territory. We strongly believe in cooperation and share information, knowledge and tools to grow together in the care of our land.

Start here

The first step to live 20 years longer and improve the quality of life is to choose a genuine, tasty, sustainable but above all conscious diet. Discover the products of the Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento and adopt a new Mediterranean lifestyle.







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