New Cilento Educational biofarm

Environmental, sensory and nutritional education

In the countryside, in the oil mill, in the laboratory, in the kitchen, in the video library, in the historic centers: the Biofattoria Didattica is the educational arm of the Cooperativa Agricola Nuovo Cilento created to share knowledge and experiences on  the environment and nutrition.

The New Cilento Cooperative offers  educational paths for teachers, students, researchers and companies wishing to learn more about the agriculture of a Park and to create eco-laboratories and educational gardens at their school.


The Cooperative protects the plants that for centuries have most characterized the agricultural landscape of the area, for having proved to be more suitable for the local ecosystem and human care, occupying a leading place in Italy in organic and organic regenerative agriculture and products with protected designation of origin (PDO Cilento).

The Cooperative hosts  the Gastronomic Research Laboratory “Al Frantoio”, for the  recovery of typical dishes of Cilento for environmental, sensory and nutritional education and for scientific reflection on the beneficial aspects of the Mediterranean diet.


Tailor-made training courses
Laboratories, workshops, lectures, games and trekking
All-inclusive packages
Stay in members’ accommodation facilities
Lunches and dinners at Al Frantoio Restaurant


The Biofattoria Didattica designs training days and courses,  team building, company retreats  and workshops for farms, agricultural and not. From  the fields to the farm, passing through  the oil mill and  the gastronomic laboratory, we create group experiences to share, test and learn new things about sustainability, Mediterranean cuisine and innovative agriculture.


We collaborate with schools  for inductive learning: we organize  days in the Biofarm or in the classroom with laboratory exercises, creation of educational gardens,  tasting courses and games for the exacerbation of the senses. The courses are also structured in several days to learn by alternating theoretical insights with fun moments.

University and research

The Didactic Biofarm hosts researchers and university classes for intensive and specialized training days. Based on the learning objectives of each one, we articulate the path on different themes: regenerative organic agriculture, biodiversity, organic matter, certifications, Mediterranean diet and  agricultural and oil production techniques.



  • Nature and biodiversity trail
  • Sensory education
  • How to do it: cooking classes and tasting of local products
  • History and culture of agricultural work
  • Personnel and roles in agriculture
  • Regenerative organic agriculture
  • Soil analysis and regeneration
  • Organic matter path
  • Macerated and fermented
  • Cilento: climate, vegetation and biodiversity
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Olive processing and oil production
  • Alternative energies



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