Sweet Taralli “La Petrosa”

Sweet Taralli “La Petrosa”


Wine and Cinnamon Sweet Taralli

100% Made in Italy, produced by “La Petrosa” Farm

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Exquisite ancient grain sweet tarallini with wine, cinnamon and brown sugar grain, produced by “La Petrosa” Farm.

Ingredients: Gentilrosso whole wheat flour, brown sugar, red wine (28%) (sulfites), cinnamon (2%), EVO oil, yeast.

THE PRODUCER: The “La Petrosa” farm proudly and passionately grows vegetables, fruits, vegetables and ancient whole grains such as Senatore Cappelli, Farro Dicocco, Monococco and Spelta, Frassineto, Germanella and Saragolla Rosso with which it produces wood-fired whole grain bread, sweet cookies and freselle every day. All product cultivation takes place according to the organic techniques of regenerative organic agriculture, based on simple agronomic, economic and ecological principles.

100% Made in Italy

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